Tutorial: Integrating a scene for 3D labeling

First, make sure you have the Stray Toolkit installed and that you have imported a scene. If you haven't, check out the importing tutorial.

To proceed, you will need a dataset with at least one scene. An example directory structure might look like this:


Where scene1 and scene2 are scenes following the scene dataset format.

Check that the Stray Toolkit is installed and loaded in your shell with stray --version. This should print something similar to Stray Robots CLI version 1.0.0.

If not, check out the installation guide.

Integrating the scene

Scenes are integrated with the stray studio integrate command.

With the above directory structure, we run:

stray studio integrate dataset/scene1

to integrate scene1.

Checking the results

To check the result of the integration run stray studio open dataset/scene1.

Studio Electric Scooter

That's it! Now you can start creating entire datasets and adding your annotations using Studio.