The studio subcommand is used to integrate scenes from datasets and provides a visual interface to annotate the scene.

Stray Studio Interface

Available commands


scenesPath to the directory containing the scenes to integrate
--voxel-size0.01 (meters)Sets the grid size used when creating the mesh and point cloud of a scene. This can be roughly interpreted as the finest level of detail that will be distinguishable in the scene. The smaller the value, the more memory will be required and the longer the command will take.
--skip-mappingfalseIf this is set, no image matching, mapping and bundle adjustment is performed and the poses in scene/trajectory.log are assumed to be perfect.

stray studio <scene>

Opens a scene in the Studio graphical user interface. Before a scene can be opened, it has to be integrated with the integrate command.

stray preview <scene>

Plays through images in the scene with overlayed 3d annotations.


scenePath to a single scene to open

Keyboard Shortcuts for Stray Studio

cmd+s to save.

k switches to the keypoint tool.

v switches to the move tool.

b switches to the bounding box tool.

r switches to the rectangle tool.

shift+1 switches to the mesh view of the scene.

shift+2 switches to the point cloud view of the scene.


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